It’s Not Something I Talk About to Many People

I have been living with an invisible illness for most of my life, yet it’s still something I am reluctant to share with others.


Well, there are so many reasons it’s hard to even begin to list them off, but the fact is people don’t want to hear about you problems, they’re too busy dealing with their own. To add to this lots of people will try and tell you that the problem you have is something made up in your mind, or something you can just brush off. Others will quit talking to you all together when you tell them what’s wrong.

So here is my “problem” which I will no longer be referring to as so because I don’t believe it to be one.

I have bipolar disorder, bipolar affective disorder to be technical. Bipolar I, the highs, the lows, the in-betweens, I become crippled with depression, anxiety, insomnia and mania. (Although the latter seems to be more fun and exciting from the outside and even sometimes from the inside)

I will continue with this topic later this evening, because right now I have to finish my lunch and get ready to go back to work Because yes you can hold a job with a mental illness, in fact you can be a very high functioning member or society, despite what the media may try and portray. No I’m not crazy, although psychosis is no stranger to me.

Yes I have heard voices! No I do not have multiple personalities, no I do not have schizophrenia. Yes I have attempted suicide, more than once in fact, but that doesn’t mean I’m a danger to myself or others. Although that doesn’t mean I may not get that low one day again. I am living my life and surviving each day. Sometimes I cry for hours on end, some days I laugh myself to tears, other days I don’t feel much at all.

But for me, this is all absolutely NORMAL.

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