Road Blocks

I have been working my new job for nine months and for nine months I have been really wanting to lose weight. I lost about five pounds which is nothing then gained it back. I am the heaviest I have ever been in my whole life give or take a few pounds. I am the same size that I was at 20lbs lighter but I am also three sizes bigger than what I want to be and what I normally am when I am in shape. For the last two weeks I have been very conscientious of what I have been eating which helped me lose three pounds the first week. I haven’t been so good about going to the gym, however. Today I went and realized I didn’t have my swipe card so I decided to do a workout at home instead. I worked out for 25 minutes doing Fitstar workouts and even reached my peak heart rate for two minutes, which I don’t always achieve on the treadmill. It was a good sweat session, but it wasn’t as long or as intense as I had planned. Tomorrow will be my first day at the gym in 3 weeks. I always feel so good after working out, it’s just dragging my butt there in the first place. Luckily I have great support all around me. My boyfriend loves me no matter what size I am, my friends and family all try and live healthy lifestyles I have an active job. If I keep at it I will have lost all the weight before my birthday, so here’s to hoping I can stick to it this time.

I’m on a journey to get fit again and to start feeling better about myself, one drop of sweat at a time.

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