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Today was a good day, I’m going to start of by saying that. Once again I was in a course all day at work so I got to leave a bit early and had a nice long break at lunch. On my break I did some of my reading for school to prepare me for my forum post and quiz that I completed this evening. I cooked a healthy supper, a delicious fish burrito, drank a bunch of water to get me hydrated, got changed and headed out for a jog. My first jog outside probably in 3 years. I’ve always been more of a treadmill gal, but today I decided to opt out of the hamster wheel and enjoy the sun, especially since they’re calling for snow on Monday! I struggled, I’m not going to lie, the treadmill I seem to be better at keeping a better pace, and really pushing myself to go fast. Today, I did an interval training Fitstar workout and when I was supposed to run I jogged, fairly fast for a jog though, but when I was supposed jog, I walked. I’ve always been a fast walker so it was no issue but to really get my heart rate and breathing back to where it needed to be I had to walk. Although for once my fitbit finally registered my cardio fitness score, because it requires the GPS to get the most accurate reading and my score was 39, that was on my first outdoor jog since I’ve had my fitibit. Way, way better than the 19-23 it was giving me before. To give you an idea for those who are unfamiliar with the system, a professional athlete would typically fall into the excellent range of over 50. My score is considered average for my age but I am very close to being considered good and remember, I know I’m out of shape and have weight to lose. I have an idea of what I want my body to look like again and where I want to be physically. I need to work on my stamina, my core strength, strengthening my lower body for sure, because I was definitely getting shin splints during part of my run.

Well… that’s enough for tonight I’ve taken my medication and it’s definitely kicking in! I need to start going to bed earlier. Since I started school I’ve been up late almost every night.




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